What are GATEWAYS and how do they shift our Consciousness each month?

Every Month we recognize a Gateway or Portal to the Realms opens on a double-digit date, such as the 8th day of a 8th month is a “8-8” Gateway. Also, to note that during that time there is usually a Full/New Moon or Eclipse/Solstice which shifts the Energy Fields on the Planet. 

These shifts of Crystalline Energies pouring onto the Planet taps into all Consciousness Fields of all of Gaia’s Kingdoms/Elements to activate a new Awareness to 5th  Dimensional Light Particles.

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Date: Sunday October 10th, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm Eastern Time


This 10-10 GATEWAY heralds the Awakening of ALL Consciousness to start Projecting and Transmitting Love, Light and Peace onto One Another in ONENESS from all Kingdoms.

We are Awakening and Becoming actively Aware of a New LIGHT Consciousness that is amplifying all Kingdoms and Elements on this Planet.

The HOPI knew of waveform of Energies that poured down from the Star Elders, Star Nations upon all of Mother Earth’s Elements and Kingdoms. These Energies were of Peace, Love and Light that Enlightened all Hearts and Minds back into The LAW OF ONE. It was created to be “Living Energy” to come into Oneness of Love and Light Consciousness and to be in all things

And today, the Assistance from all Realms of Truth, carrying a ONENESS Vibration of Love Light and Peace has begun arriving on all Lunar Eclipses, Equinoxes and Solstices, as these Star Beings of Light Nations arrive within their Orbs, Spheres, Strands, and Energies of Light placing their Vibrations of Consciousness very subliminally into All hearts and minds who are LISTENING to their high-pitched ringing and tones of Ascension into the ONENESS of Love.

The Erratic behavior of Consciousness Fields currently wrestling within every human Mind at this time is allowing the Shifting and Exposing of these New Light Energies of Consciousness to begin AWAKENING on the Planet.  And is also building your own Awareness into Extreme Sensitivities of these Light Vibrations surrounding you and entering into your Hearts and Minds as you have begun Welcoming of these Light Beings of Infinite Intelligences of Peace 

This 10-10 GATEWAY is here for YOU to Shift within of your Hearts and Minds into Infinite Light and Love of your own Rebirthing back into a “Oneness Consciousness” of Peace on this Planet.

We are not alone on this Sacred Journey this is the Awakening/Embracing of the LAW of ONE pouring into All of your Hearts and Minds as you take a quiet moment each day and LISTEN 

Price: $25.00+HST

10:10 Gateway, coming soon
10:10 Gateway, coming soon
10:10 Gateway, coming soon

Fall Equinox

Date: Tuesday September 21st, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm Eastern Time


It was Ignited on the Highest Moon Energies, Fueled of Infinite Consciousness, Projections from Outer Dimensional Beings’ Consciousness; a Massive Gathering of Spirals and Curvatures and Spheres and Orbs, Unknown to Mankind.

Come now!

Step into these Infinite Masters of Light Vortices of Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom and Powers that will be Taught to you, Placed Within you and Healed away from your Old Programs

There are Shamans, Sages, Seers, Lightworkers, Children bathing in these New Energy Fields of Unlimited Infinite Consciousness, Spiraled through Rainbow Frequencies.

They are all Acknowledging the Shift of their Aura Body’s becoming Crystal Light Energy


a New Soul Light Consciousness of ONENESS.

WE are ONE Heartbeat.

WE are Synchronicities of Consciousness of Intelligence, Always Knowing,

Always Being, All-Seeing and All-Telepathically Communicating.

September 21, 7PM EST

$25 plus HST

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Audio Replay to be sent within 4 business days.

Fall Equinox 2021
Fall Equinox 2021

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Please note that during the Healing and Channeled Activations you will be energetically guided and connected with the Infinite Masters of Light, who may elevate and activate your own Divine Master Gifts within, and your own ALL Knowing, Trusting and Understanding that all is of Infinite Divine Orchestrations of LOVE LIGHT PEACE fully operated of your own Divine Will ☺

DISCLAIMER: The Healings and Techniques performed ae not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical Treatment and Care. The Individual Healing Experience assists in Awakening all to a wonderful Spiritual Journey of ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS. ☺xx