NoraWalksInSpirit who will be sitting with you on-demand for 40 – 1 hour video sessions, living Breathing IN the Infinite Masters of Infinite Light Intelligences.

There will be an In the Moment Lesson that will be delivered from Nora and her Infinite Masters on How to Clear your Inner/Outer Consciousness Fields, How to Sustain a Higher Network of Communications from your 3D Mind to a Supra Conscious Mind.

And how to radiate your Light Vibratory Fields throughout your entire body for personal Healing and Revitalizing your Mind, Body and Soul into Master Consciousness.

  • There will be Concepts and Demonstrations, Activations and Healings each Week
  • There will a Q&A on one day for sharing and answering any and all of your inquiries.
  • There will be a Activation Day that will shift you, infuse you and allow you to be integrated

And you will come to know how to Step Into Mastery in this unsettled unknowing world!

This Course is set for all who are New to understanding Energies of Light Consciousness Fields and to all who have been working with their own Spirit Guides, Teachers and Masters for years

It is for all to come into a deeper understanding of letting go and setting straight their True Soul’s Evolution and Divine Purpose is ready NOW to unfold and assist the Planets Ascension


Includes 40 – 1 Hour Videos

Audios of Video Sessions

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Powerful review from the Octer 2021 course


Powerful review from the Octer 2021 course


Powerful review from the Octer 2021 course

Here is the Master Outline for your perusal to get Ready, Set, Go to Step Into Mastery with ME.

Each Week there will be 3 Days of Master Teachings, 1 Day of Q&A, 1 Day Activation

Week 1

Day 1: Introduction to the Infinite Masters and Who IAM and how these Energies of Light Consciousness connect and communicate to me. Get to know ME.

Day 2: What is the Formless Energy, Can we See, Feel, Hear it?  What is Consciousness and how you can Connect to the act of LISTENING to the STILLNESS of your own Consciousness

Day 3: How important the STILLNESS is and how to tap into the Vibrations of STILLNESS in order to enhance your mind and activate your hidden Abilities. Day 4: Group Q&A and Sharing for further Understanding/Clearing of Energies.

Day 5: STILLNESS ACTIVATION as you Connect on a deeper level of Quantum Consciousness

Week 2

WE will become acquainted with the Energies of STILLNESS and the knowing sense that you are never alone and Feeling with an Open Mind how to tap into your Stillness.

What about the Energies of Consciousness flowing around and upon you?
Master Teachings of lowering energies and interrupting frequencies that alter you.  What about Low Vibrational thought forms or emotions or Actions affecting you?

How to shift your own Energy Fields back UP into the Light Energies to Transmute and Release all lowering frequencies that are not of the Light.

ACTIVATION: Aligning into a Harmonic Chord of Light that arrives then Purifying the Mind
and all Chakras of the Body into your own Holiest of Master Light Intelligences for clarity of the Mind and Heart that all has been Transmuted into Light out of Lowering Energies.

Week 3

Working on the MIND Consciousness! This week we will be working on the Alignment of the Mind into STILLNESS and how to get the Mind to Relax and just RECEIVE and just BELIEVE through focusing more on the STILLNESS as you are Breathing IN the Chord of Light to raise UP your Consciousness in both Mind and Heart to be as One Coherent wave. We will also be discussing the Ego and Mind. How to sustain a Higher Conscious Mind while there are interruptive forces of information entering into your mind each day.

ACTIVATION: Elevating the 3DMind by bringing in the Infinite Masters to elevate them.  Relax the Body to Align into the Stillness as you Relax the Mind to Incept and Accept the Stillness so that both Body and Mind are always Balanced, Aligned and Harmonized to a Light Vibration of your own Light Intelligence.

Week 4

Developing the Mind into other Consciousness Fields. What is the Intuitive Mind? What is telepathic Mind? And how do we elevate our Minds into a Supra Consciousness How to develop a routine of Letting Go of the 3D Mind and stepping into the Master Mind of LISTENING and Soaring into the Quantum Fields of Infinite STILLNESS.

ACTIVATION: Connecting into a Telepathic Chord of Consciousness that shifts you into Supra Consciousness as you practice this same Activation over and over again.

Week 5

Crystals and Codes of the Chakra Body, Chakra Head. We will begin this with talking about the Crystals and Hidden Crystal CODES within the Planet. Such as what is inside the Sacred Lei lines, Meridians, Stone Pyramid Temples, Rock Formations, Oceans, Desert Sands. These CODES written within these Formations are Crystals of Light that are activating within CODED Patterns, Symbols inside these Rock Formations Are they Activating the Crystals inside the Chakra Crystals of our Bodies that have been hidden and dormant. Are they tapping into our Minds of dormant hidden Abilities. Can we become Crystal Transmitters that can both Receive and Transmit from our own Supra Consciousness? And are you able to Transmit and Direct these Crystal Energies into any area of your Body Mind and Soul Child for healing from within ourselves? In the moment Download of Master Information will be delivered by the Masters.

ACTIVATION: Crystal Chakras Activated and Aligned into Crystalline Magnetic Fields to begin Transmitting Crystallizing Magnetizing Frequencies of Quantum Consciousness.

Week 6

Crystallizing more CODES into your Crystal Chakras of Light Intelligences to enhance your 3D Body into a Higher Consciousness. Masters of Infinities of Light will assemble a Message of how and why you need to Align and Activate your Aura Fields of Crystal Light Energies into Quantum Fields of Electromagnetic Vibrations of Crystals.

Infinite Plasma Light Particles fueling the Grid Systems of the Planet and Activating her Lei lines, Gridlines and Stone Temples/Formations transmitting into Human Crystals.

WE are Transmitters as we house Crystals within our Systems of the Body and Mind, that allows for the Supra Consciousness to Network to other Dimensions of Time and 0 Infinite Space of our Ancient ONES, who are all arriving and seeking out our Telepathic Transmissions into our minds but also in to our bodies through the Crystal Chakra CODES that need to be ignited

ACTIVATION: Building the Aura into a Crystalline Matrix Field to Transmit into Magnetizing Crystal CODES within the entire Crystal Chakra Systems.

Week 7

This Crystalline Matrix Aura Body will become your own Protective Shield for allowing you to Create, Build and Align into a Crystal Light Body Being without Interruptions from the existing Aura Bodies surrounding you. We will discuss how important it is to Breathe IN these Crystal Plasma Light Frequencies floating in your Aura Fields to transmit into your Activated Crystal Chakra Portals of the Body.
(Matrix Chart) Begin each day Telepathically LISTENING RECEIVING from your Supra Conscious Mind to assemble the Quantum Fields of Light Particles into your Aura to ensure it is a Crystal Light Matrix Field of Quantum Fields of Light Intelligences.

ACTIVATION: Connecting and Communicating through your Crystalline Aura Matrix Field

Week 8

RECAP from the Infinite Masters from these past few weeks of how you are BECOMING the Light Body as you have been amplified of your Crystalline Light Matrix Shield for Protection while Inter-Connecting Communicating through your Telepathic Chord of Light Intelligences to sustain a Supra Conscious Body and Mind.

It is now time to operate on a daily basis to sustain your Supra Conscious Mind to house within a Crystal Light Soul Body Being. And through all that you are Receiving and Transmitting from your Crystallizing Magnetizing Chakras and Aura Matrix Fields you are able to connect into the Kingdoms and Elements of Gaia, not just your Human Consciousness Aura Fields of others. You are on the Pathway of Mastery into Reality!

ACTIVATION: Quantum Fields of Mastery will be invoked into your Inner Crystal Bodies, Minds and Activated into your Crystallizing Master Matrix Fields of Beyond Networks


Mentoring into Mastery 8 Week Course with noraWalksinspirit

Please note that during the Healing and Channeled Activations you will be energetically guided and connected with the Infinite Masters of Light, who may elevate and activate your own Divine Master Gifts within, and your own ALL Knowing, Trusting and Understanding that all is of Infinite Divine Orchestrations of LOVE LIGHT PEACE fully operated of your own Divine Will ☺

DISCLAIMER: The Healings and Techniques performed are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical Treatment and Care. The Individual Healing Experience assists in Awakening all to a wonderful Spiritual Journey of ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS. ☺xx