Empowering Healing Sessions that will Rebuild and Recreate all that you are

Nora WalksInSpirit will express a wide range of Energetic Tones and Vibrations Spoken in Sacred Languages to Awaken the Energetic bodies and enter into the true Soul’s Journey.

During the Ceremony, these Infinite BEINGS Consciousness shall be Channelled in the moment!

You may apply these Energies of LIGHT and Frequencies to your personal life circumstances and begin to MASTER the Energies of ONENESS Consciousness.

I encourage you to join these ENERGIES Of LIGHT. 

MY HEALING SESSIONS are for the Beginners and Advanced Teachers/Healers. 

  • You do not need to do anything for these Sessions, other than to have an open Mind, loving Heart to be ready to explore and shift together into a Higher Soul Light Essence of LOVE.
  • When exposed during the Session, Nora will be identifying and breaking down/dissolving old limiting beliefs and blocks, Ancestor/Relationship Lineages that still inhibit you from truly stepping into your higher Soul. The Masters of Light working through Nora will tap into your Cellular Body and Awakened Mind to Release, Heal, Align, and Balance your Light Energies  for you to begin building a New Crystalline Matrix System to assist in your Soul’s Journey of shifting into Quantum Fields of Reality. 
  • After each Session with Nora, plan to allow for as much rest as your body requires. You may have a lot to integrate and some releasing may still be taking place, so just be still.
  • Drink plenty of clean water and just RECEIVE the Healing Process and Integrate your new Light Energies of LOVE ☺

Your Holy PRESENCE will align, balance and elevate you into your own Higher Soul and its Sacred Light CODES will become you after a few sessions.



Please note that during the Healing and Channeled Activations you will be energetically guided and connected with the Infinite Masters of Light, who may elevate and activate your own Divine Master Gifts within, and your own ALL Knowing, Trusting and Understanding that all is of Infinite Divine Orchestrations of LOVE LIGHT PEACE fully operated of your own Divine Will ☺

DISCLAIMER: The Healings and Techniques performed ae not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical Treatment and Care. The Individual Healing Experience assists in Awakening all to a wonderful Spiritual Journey of ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS. ☺xx