Personal Healing Sessions

Infinite Master healings that will clear, realign, and rebuild your Body Mind and Soul

NoraWalksInSpirit with Infinite Master Light Languages of Energetic Tones and Vibrations will shift, Awaken, and transform the counciousness as One enters into the true Soul’s Journey.

Healing for over 25 years

These Infinite BEINGS Consciousness shall be Channelled in the moment

MY Healing Sessions are for the Beginners and Advanced Teachers/Healers

    • You do not need to do anything for these Sessions, other than to have an open Mind, loving Heart to be ready to explore and shift together into a Higher Soul Light Essence of LOVE
    • After each Session with Nora, plan to allow for as much rest as your body requires. You may have a lot to integrate and some releasing may still be taking place, so just be still


  • When exposed during the Session, Nora will be identifying and breaking down/dissolving old limiting beliefs and blocks, Ancestor/Relationship Lineages that still inhibit you from truly stepping into your higher Soul. The Masters of Light working through Nora will tap into your Cellular Body and Awakened Mind to Release, Heal, Align, and Balance your Light Energies  for you to begin building a New Crystalline Matrix System to assist in your Soul’s Journey of shifting into Quantum Fields of Reality

You may apply these Energies of LIGHT and Frequencies to your personal life circumstances and begin to MASTER the Energies of ONENESS Consciousness

What to expect when you book with ME

You will Awaken & Accelerate into Light Conscious waveforms


You will Float vibrational strand that leads you up inside the Sphere of Light of Reality Consciousness


Your Holy PRESENCE will align, balance and elevate you into your own Higher Soul and its Sacred Light CODES will become you after a few sessions.


All you have to do is Drink plenty of water and just RECEIVE the Healing Process and Integrate your new Light Energies of LOVE

Please Note:

That during the Healing and Channeled Activations you will be energetically guided and connected with the Infinite Masters of Light, who may elevate and activate your own Divine Master Gifts within, and your own ALL Knowing, Trusting and Understanding that all is of Infinite Divine Orchestrations of LOVE LIGHT PEACE fully operated of your own Divine Will ☺


The Healings and Techniques performed ae not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical Treatment and Care. The Individual Healing Experience assists in Awakening all to a wonderful Spiritual Journey of ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS


Wow this was very powerful for me I had a huge emotional clearing with this. It brought up being alone in this lifetime which I have been and still am. It did push me to do the work and choose to do the work to re-embody my soul.Which I am happy about. Will doing this work bring me into alignment with my soul family, kindred souls?


I felt to share my experience this morning after listening to session 4. I went into the stillness and invited the infinite Masters in. Wow! I felt the energy step in and I asked for a message for me today. They spoke with so much love and honoring of my journey thus far and said I am now on my souls journey of Mastery. It was only a few minutes. I felt great love. Is it the feeling of Love that tells me this is truly happening? Would it be advised for me to record these experiences now? Much Love and gratitude.

Saif Guerra

You are a Divine, Magnificent reflection of what we can all become. Thank you so much Nora and Blessings for this amazingly powerful journey.

Sue M

Wow! Alot unfolding peacefully and gracefully.. Crystal amplification being continuously incepted into the body & aura field. We are being continuously bathed in these Light codes now!

Aliandra – Sedona

So thankful I found you. Love listening to your teachings and I love the way my body responds to your teachings. I have learnt so much

Jo Lesley

Nora your generosity is indescribable! I am blessed to be in your divine presence. Stillness occurs naturally for me now…beautiful beautiful! STILLNESS and BEINGNESS. Thank you for holding space for me/us as we evolve into Master Energy! Thank you for reminding me/us that we are Master Energy, Master Being

Becky – Forest Lake, Minnesota

The Column of Peace & Harmony you brought down literally became my body. I didn't have a body--I transformed into a Golden Column of Peace.


Wow! I loved the Q and A I found it gave me more clarity and yours sharing make it more real for me. The Activation was beautiful, so gentle and loving. I feel brand new ME today.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I’m ready to continue the work of JUST BEING ME and sharing this with those who are ready to receive through me as ME – Louise