Summer Solstice 2022 with noraWalksinspirit

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JOIN NoraWalksInSpirit and the Infinite Masters to an Infinite Gathering on Summer Solstice 
This radiating LIGHT Summer Solstice opens our Transfiguring Hearts and Minds to align into New Patterns of New Choices and to Access a New Creative Consciousness of ONENESS!
This spiraling Summer Solstice is shimmering new Light Vibrations upon us, that is connecting and transfiguring our energetic Hearts and Minds into a Divine Light Consciousness.
The Infinite Masters will be pouring in their Tones and Vibrations of Divine Light Frequencies to Awaken your Souls in Divine Activation to tap into your “ILLUMINED SOUL” to guide, align and assist you into an elevating Transformational Journey of Light Consciousness as it pours through on this inspiring Summer Solstice.
These Quantum Light Frequencies arriving of Infinite Diamonds, Amethyst, Emeralds, and Fluidities of the Golden Godliness Consciousness is Elevating your Consciousness, awakening and shifting you into Infinite ONENESS….
This Solstice begins the Spiral of ONENESS within your own Beingness. For many shall be
Awakened from deep within and will begin Transitioning into Light Consciousness Fields that will be delivered in the Infinite Stillness that bathes all Hearts and Minds.

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Disclaimer: The Energies of Light expressed through Messages and Techniques performed are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical treatment and care. All Rights Reserved. NoraWalksInSpirit Inc.
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IAM Nora

Nora WalksInSpirit channels Beings of higher intelligence. An array of light surrounds her body and her chakra systems, along with the Ascended Masters. Beings are present and communicating through her. These Beings, collectively known as the Infinite All, communicate and work through Nora WalksInSpirit. They are helping to facilitate the planet’s transition from third to fifth dimension. As a result of all the work that has been taking place, portals of energy around the planet have begun to open up, which are enabling Ascended Masters from various Dimensions to infuse their Intelligence and Essences of energy onto our planet. This transformative energy we are receiving means that a golden age with blessings is underway and unprecedented spiritual growth is available to all.